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We connect you to supportive and understanding individuals who are eager to help you organise your thinking, explore your emotions and tell your story.

People spend much of their lives looking for answers to their questions, but most of the time they just need some help finding the answers which are already inside of themselves. We won't offer any advice, but we will help you get something off your chest.

A neutral party to help you get your thoughts, ideas and feelings outside of your head and into your vocal cords may be all that you need.

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What will happen during the sessions?

You can talk about whatever you would like. You can ask the Listenr about themselves if you like.

When you book the session we will ask some questions to determine what you are looking for.

Is everything I say anonymous?

We maintain total confidentiality in all circumstances.

Why not go to a life coach?

Life coaching can help people outline and be held accountable for their goals.

Our Listenr community is here for you to talk something through whenever you would like.

Why not go to a therapist?

Like coaching, it also requires a long-term commitment. Psychotherapists receive years of training to provide mental health treatment and charge a fee commensurate to said training. A listening session is not a mental health treatment. Listenrs are members of the community who want to give you the space to verbalise your emotions. Our Listenrs receive training in not giving advice and seeing things from other people's perspective.

There are many types of therapy that all have completely different methods. Person-centred psychotherapy devised by Carl Rogers is the form of psychotherapy closest to simply being listened to.

What do you mean this is not mental health treatment?

A listening session is designed to help you organise your thinking and explore your emotions in an entirely non-directive way. It is not designed to treat or diagnose any kind of mental illness.

We welcome people who are on the waiting list for psychotherapy. As well as people who feel they have a mental illness or are receiving any kind of mental health treatment. Having some emotional catharsis while on the waiting list may be of some benefit to you.

Why not speak to a friend?

The main advantage of speaking to a professional over a friend is that your friends might be invested in the situation and therefore may try to push you in a certain direction. Our Listenrs will remain completely neutral to all values as we want to help you find your own meaning and solutions.

However, if you would like, the Listenr can send you some advice after the session. This advice is just one person's opinion and it may not be the best course of action.

How much do you charge?

The sessions are free of charge while we beta test the idea.

How can I support this project without booking a session?

You can also send us an email with your thoughts on the service or website.


"It was really nice to have a kind listener to help me clarify what I was thinking and feeling."

"Often you can only say certain things to certain people, so it's really nice to come to an empathetic, accepting space where you feel free to talk about anything without worrying about offending someone, boring them, or being judged. After just a brief chat, I felt like I understood better how my different thoughts and feelings fit together."

"There's something quite comforting about the idea I'll be listened to regarding whatever's going on."

"More helpful for me than the psychotherapist I saw."

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